DCI air wash washing machine

DCI Air Wash Washing Machine

1) Energy saving washing machine

Energy saving system that will conserve water and electricity. Rated AAA grade for power conservation.

2) Direct drive motor and damping system

A belt-less motor saves energy and has less wear and tear on the motor. Has less noise and vibration compared to conventional machines

3) Special tilted star drum design

Star drum cuts down water waste and brushes smoothly against fabric which protecting it from tear. Tilted drum uses less water while washing clothes effectively

4) Quick Wash cycle

Get basic laundry done in about 30 minutes

5) Sterilization with Steam Wash and Air Wash function

Steam Wash uses steam and hot water to sterilize clothes while Air Wash is waterless process that uses hot air and  nano silver that kills bacteria.

6) Tub Clean function

Keeps the drum clean and maintained from dirt, lint and soap scum.

7) Superior washing capabilities

Enhanced washing with air bubble system to further cleanse clothing fabric

8) Fuzzy logic automatic control

Controls will automatically calculate weight of clothes and water usage for optimal washing